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Questions Yvette

Post  Yvette on Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:51 am

Cultural institutions:
Here are my questions...

Cultural institutions:
1. What can you tell us about the visitors of this institute? What kind of people come here?
2. Do you think that different people visit this institute compared to another institute (for example Bonnefantenmuseum and Marres, or Theatre)?
2b. Yes? Why is that?
2c. No? Why is there no difference?
3. Is there are difference between men and women? Who visits your institution the most?
3b. Do you think this is different for other institutions?
3c. Yes? Why?
3d. No? Why is there no difference?
4. Do you notice a difference between visitors (men and women) at the level of expositions, shows, films etc?
5. What is your opinion in general on the differences between men and women when it comes to cultural activities?
6. What does this institute do to attract both men and women?

Organization & policy makers:

1. Which cultural activities are you planning/ would you like to plan for ECOC 2018?
2. Which cultural institutions are important for Maastricht to become ECOC?
3. What do you want to achieve with ECOC? What can this mean for Maastricht? (do they give an economic or cultural reason?)
4. Do you think different cultural institutions attract different type of people?
5. Is that also the case for men and women?
6. How do you plan the reach the entire population?



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Re: Questions Yvette

Post  marie on Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:52 am

Policy makers:
What is the reason for maastricht to apply as ECOC?
Do you think cultural activities can have a social impact?
Are you planning to achieve a social impact?
If yes, what kind of impact?
Does this aim at a specific part of the population or all?
How are you planning to make such impact sustainable?

Cultural institutions:
Will your institution be part of the artistic program of the ECOC 2018?
If yes, what are you aiming to achieve?
For yourself?
For the society?
Who is your program aimed at, who do you want to reach with it?
Do you think cultural events can have a social impact?
If yes, what kind of social impact?

For clarification:
(Only in case the person interviewed is sure what is meant by social impact)

Social impact here refers to e.g.:
Personal development
Community empowerment and self-determination
Local image and identity/sense of belonging/ creating and retaining identity /building social cohesion /modifying values and preferences for collective choice
contribution to community /neighbourhood connections
enjoyment of social activities /economic participation
quality of life (health, happiness, rating of life as a whole not to be mixed up with standard of life which only refers to economic aspects)

All the best, Marie


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