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Hanna Questions

Post  hanna on Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:47 pm

Here first a detailed plan for interview with politicians. (It might be useful to read once even when interviewing Cultural Institutions)
Second, a short version for Cultural Institutions.

For any further questions, I am happy to provide you with more information!

Plan for interview with Politicians
How do policy makers aim at strengthening the European Dimension of the ECOC?

Introduce into topic: Maastricht together with the partner cities in Euregio is applying to become the ECOC in 2018.
1) What is your view on the application of Maastricht? What are your expectations (concerning Maastricht, the Euregio and Liège?)? What are your aims (needs) and hopes?
(keep in mind that Liège wanted to become ECOC on its own in 2015, hosts International Exposition in 2017)
2) In the Ambition Statement it reads that you aim at strengthening the European Dimension of the ECOC?

What does this European Dimension mean/refer to/express/entail?
How do you want to do so? (keep in mind: Euregional cooperation, ask for concrete examples/plans?

3) It further states that you aim at bringing to the fore the common European heritage?
‘There’s a lot which binds the cities’ (quote Jürgen Linden (Aachen))
What does this mean? What are the commonalities? How much do you have in common with Maastricht and Liège? How are these commonalities negotiated across the border? What are the particularities of Liège/each single city and how will they be respected?
How will this be achieved? (see above: Euregional cooperation)

4) Jacobs, the Wethouder van Culture, has once stressed three aims of the ECOC: cultural quality, European identity and Euregional cooperation. What is your view on those objectives and could you comment on them?

5) What can be the role of Liège/Aachen/Maastricht (during preparations and the actual event in comparison with other cities)?

6) What is the most important aim of this event to you?

For Cultural Institutions

What does the European dimension mean for you? (see thoughts above)
How do you aim at realising it?
Do you cooperate with cultural institutions across the border? What are your projects/plans? (This question might become the focus of the interviews in this context)


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