new deadlines

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new deadlines

Post  hanna on Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:31 am

hy everyone,

for olli and thijs: the next deadline is tomorrow 12:00. Until then everyone should send his/her part to Charlotte who will put the parts together until tomorrow evening.
From then on, we agreed to revise, improve edit etc. until friday 12:00.
Everyone should state on the forum when he/she is working on the proposal so that we avoid the creation of two versions passing around. Friday's deadline has been decided in case bigger problems might arise. We would still have enough time to react until sunday.

all the best and thanks!
i think, we are on a good way;)

p.s.: could you please all work on the literature review until tonight? thijs, can you send your complete references to yvette. she will create a new reference list. thanks a lot!


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