General Ideas for the Research Proposal as a whole

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General Ideas for the Research Proposal as a whole

Post  Jakob on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:32 am

I don't think we can give the link of our own google group in the reference list. This is one of our references:

  • Boland, P. (2010). “Capital of Culture – You must be having a laugh!” Challenging the official rhetoric of Liverpool as the 2008 European Cultural Capital. Retrieved March 14, 2010 from

but I think one can't access the google group if not invited, right? And I guess we will delete it after the project is over so maybe we should use the original link...


p.s.: didn't know where else to put this, sorry for starting another thread, this is already getting cramped here! ^^ I'll start an archive as soon as we are done with the Research Proposal so that these subforums get free again.


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