How to proceed+information I need

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How to proceed+information I need

Post  hanna on Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:31 am

Hi everyone,
Thanks for having creatied this new forum and the outline how to proceed.
Thinking about my task (literature review), I want to make three general points.

First, before improving any part of the proposal (aims, justification, literature review), I think that we have to define sustainability. Which aspects constitute it for us?
I think this is a crucial point and we need to have some common ground here.

Second, I think we should discuss and help each other problematising our individual research questions.

Third, writing our first research proposal, I came up with the three aims without having consulted anyone of you. Considering the feedbakxc we got, the three aims seem to be good since they are precise. The third aim, however, mostly related to Charlotte's subresearch and I don not know whether I went to far with stating that we try coming up with a new 'destination positioning 'strategy. It would be nice could you all give me some feedbakc on this.

That's why I would propose an extra meeting on friday or saturday.

My 'wishlist' until sunday at 12:00.

To everyone:
Please tell me if I, while writing the literature review, changed the meaning of your texts.
It would probably be best for Marie and me, could the introductionary and aim part be done as soon as possible so as to better streamline our parts. Until when could you be done with that, Jakob?

To Jakob:
Literature review;) Can you make more explicit why you and Yvette are now covered by the subtopic European Integration?

To Olli and Thijs:
See Baas' comment on the lack of literature explicitely discussing expectation. I think you should do some more research (Baas even gave you some journals etc.) and fill me in with new information.

To Marie:
What is your focus now? Is it how to create a city image that takes due account of the citizens?

To Charlotte:
What is a 'realistic final image'? How strong can I make this aim of generating a new 'destination strategy'? From what Giselle wrote I got that she wants us to make this poínt stronger, however,
I do not know in how far we are capable to do so. I got from you, that this will probably be a 'tentative outline'.

To Yvette:
In how far does Intersectionality theory help us to answer our RQ? Shouldn’t we much rather concentrate on gender theory (since intersectionality would diminish the role of gender…)?

Please tell me what you think about my proposal to meet up again.


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Re: How to proceed+information I need

Post  Jakob on Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:38 am

I have no appointments so if you want to, we can meet. I am planning on doing my part tomorrow so I hope I can send it to you by Friday (mid)night. Today I have to do an application. I'll also write the literature reviews as soon as possible, already read so maybe I even make that today.

about integration: I think its rather obvious for me: are all Kunstschaffende included in the bid or is it just run by the big business cultural industry. That is essentially about integration. And Yvette is about Gender integration, also very obvious. There are few professions which are so incredibly dominated by males as the art scene so from my perspective, gender studies will try to establish if female artists are integrated into the process. But why do you ask me? ;-)

See you,

p.s.: I'll build a subforum here for our wishlists, if we all put that in one thread, it will be chaotic. So this is the Hannah wishlist thread! Please start a new one for your own.


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Re: How to proceed+information I need

Post  Yvette on Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:24 am


I agree that we need to define sustainability and that we can help each other formulating the subquestions. But for me its really difficult to meet friday or saturday. I suggest we meet on monday. Or is that to late?

I also think that the idea/goal of each question will stay the same. Only the formulation will change.

And to answer your question about intersectionality (which is a gender theory, very recent though). I added this theory, because I thought my literature review was lacking some concepts. But it is not relevant for my subquestion. So you can completely skip this part!

groet, Yvette


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Re: How to proceed+information I need

Post  marie on Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:32 pm

hey hanna,

I still would like to focus on the social impact of art. In a way how society/the local population can sustainably profit from a cultural event such as ECOC. I still have to think about a good formulation of a RQ. I think that the literature review I sent you is still valid but I can send you more information on the theoretical background of social impact of art/culture. I will figure that out until saturday/sunday if that is ok. If you need it earlier let me know.

I agree that we could define the concept of sustainability better. I will also try to find some theoretical background on that. What do you think about the question in general?

Concerning your suggestion of an additional meeting, I also think it would really be helpful. Unfortunately though, I am again in Heidelberg until monday. Therefore I can not meet before monday afternoon. I am sorry I am away that often. If you still meet before monday afternoon and you have an internet connection I could try to be present online via skype if that helps, or just let me know what you came up with. Maybe we can already discuss important points in the forum.

Let me know if you need anything else for the literature review.
Best, Marie


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Re: How to proceed+information I need

Post  marie on Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:37 pm


I forgot...

I also agree to help each other formulating the subquestions. Maybe it is a good idea if each one shortly explains what she/he wants to do and already propose a possible formulation and the others can comment on that.

Or you discuss that in a meeting without me. I think monday definitly is too late for since we already need to know what each one is researching on for the literature review and the justification.

What do you think?


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Re: How to proceed+information I need

Post  Charlotte on Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:18 pm

Hi Hanna,

the third aim sounds interesting, but as you already said it is too far away from my orginal aim. I think the aim to reconcile all different aims and expectations in one image strategy would be an additional step after all research has been carried out and evaluated. But we don't have time for that...

Instead, my idea was (to put it here roughly) to collect data from firstly the public about their perceptions on each participating city and also their opinion's on each city's cultural elements. And secondly, to collect data from cultural institutions and general resources as well about cultural elements. So the outcome would be - as you said- a tentative outline for a unified image (that is a result of the cities' unique and common character traits and cult elements). This theoretical outline can be an interesting and helpful input for organizers behind cultural activities that will take place during the ECOC.

As our problematic is now focused on how Maastricht can avoid mistakes of former ECOCs, but creates a sustainable image, this outline can be theoretically a quite dynamic approach to the image of the region, since in the end there could be more than one possibility how to present the region's image (due to its various cities with various character traits and cultural elements) ...

One more important point is that this 'tentative outline/strategy' is independent of any expectations and aims by elites involved in the ECOC, thus not a top-down but bottom- up approach.

Let me know if something is unclear. I agree with you that we should meet up on Saturday and discuss our research questions within the group.



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Re: How to proceed+information I need

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